Why do I care about what other people say?

I started watching youtube videos when you could  use any email and not just google to access it. When Juicystar07 had 2000 subscribers and she was the biggest star on youtube. For the longest time I wanted to start my own channel. I didn’t even know who would watch it. I looked fun and being someone who loved makeup from a very young age, it was always somewhat of a ‘dream’ of mine. When I got to about 15, my cousin and I started recording videos of us dancing and singing and posting them on youtube for fun. They each had like a 100 views each and it made us really happy. People in school started hearing about it and making fun of me so I did what any normal person would do, I privated every single video to protect me from comments by my peers which usually lead to awkward situations. Like I’ve said before, I’m not confrontational, I run away. I remember when people in school first started hearing about my blog. I had used the tagline you know my name but not my story because honestly, being a new girl in a new school was scary and even though by this time I wasn’t new anymore I really felt like this quote stays true. You might know someone but you will never understand what they go through everyday. Anyways, people in school would come up to me and say “hey Kim, I know your name, but I don’t know your story” or things along those lines. I would just smile and laugh it off but when I got home I took it off my blog.

When I was 17 , I started posting videos again. My trip to London, tags with my friends and boyfriend because honestly I enjoyed it and found it fun. But again with all the gossiping in the background I did what I did the first time these things happen – I privated everything. Now looking back I don’t know why the background noise affected me more than the conversations I was having with people who loved and supported me.

After IB finished, I turned this blog into a beauty blog for awhile but never shared it on instagram for other people to see because I was shy, and I didn’t want the background noise to affect me the way I know it can.  Now if you try searching for those post on this platform you won’t find them. After I was done I felt embarrassed for pursuing something I enjoyed and I felt that others would think I’m stupid. Why do I care so much about what calefares think about me when they are just that, calefares.

I’m turning 20 and still today I allow the chatter behind the wings to stop me from doing things I want to do and maybe they are stupid. But if it makes me happy and the people around me seem to agree this has positive benefits for me then why not just do it. I don’t want to be afraid anymore and maybe because of my insecure nature I will always feel shy and uncomfortable when it comes to these things.

So here is my point as to why I am writing this. I started a project this past weekend. It was something that happened in the spur of the moment, it wasn’t planned like all good things it just happened. So,  I decided to start my own skin&beauty instagram page. Being a beauty and skincare enthusiast I thought why the hell not worse case scenario no one follows me and thinks I’m stupid and lame but if I don’t try I’ll never know. On the account I post products I use for my skincare routine, products in general in beauty/skin related stuff. Along with this, I’m also thinking of restarting my youtube account with more videos but that needs to be thought about my throughly in the mean time, if you head to the menu bar on this blog where it says My Youtube Videos, you can find my other videos there.

I literally started this page this weekend so it hasn’t even grown tiny feet to crawl yet but I’ve shared it with some of my closets’ friends and family and so far I’ve gotten really good feedback. Some of my friends even said they would help promote it for me but my answer was the same “im scared/ too shy / not ready”. I realised I may never truly be ready for anything so maybe that time is now. I’ve been blessed with supportive people in my life and maybe for once I’ll allow that love to engulf me instead of listening to whatever the hell is being said in the background.

It would mean the world to me if you could support me. The feed and photos aren’t perfect and I can never promise that it will get there but I will try my hardest to improve. I also don’t know how long I’ll do this for: maybe its long term, maybe its for a short while before the noise gets to me and I delete it all but I really hope my passion and enthusiasm stands strong and shines through.

The name of the account is SKINDISTRICT  which is not the most creative but its simple and most importantly I like it. If you have any feedback be it positive or negative I’m all ears to criticism as long as it will help me improve.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 01.21.04

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and will support me and get your mum and friends to follow me if you like what you see. I hope you’re not afraid to chase what you want because as cliche as it sounds, life’s too short to waste it listening to background noise and I wish it was as was easy to ignore as it is to say it out.


Bestfriend VS. Boyfriend Challenge

I guess you could say I’m on a video editing roll. I found this footage while scrolling through my videos on my laptop and realised I haven’t edited it. Its pretty funny in my opinion and was something we did just for fun! We filmed this  in early march while I was sick which explains why I sound like a dying chicken.

I’ve been blessed with such amazing people in my life 🙂

Please be summer already

The weather in London has been nothing short of temperamental. I never thought I would describe weather this way but its a tease and by that I mean a few days it will be warm and sunny, making you think the weather will stay that way and the next day its hailing. Not raining, not just cloudy it’s hailing on your parade, little painful pieces of ice. 

Not going to lie, I want it to be summer now because I want to go home to my family but also because I can’t wait for holiday time! The past few weeks have been really good besides the stress from my coursework, exams and furnishing of the London Khoo headquarters. By that I mean my brother and my new place. 

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We are the lucky ones 

   You are the light and I want to be kept where the light is. You’re the sunshine on a rainy, cold London day. You’re the one annoying autumn leaf that refuses to let go of the twigs holding you to the tree. You’re my laughter when I’m crying and the reason for my joy. You play frozen for me when I’m sad and help me out on my Taylor swift T shirt. You cook and do laundry while I lay in bed ordering pizza (I help fold the laundry okay). Everyday I wake up grateful for you. Not one day will go by where I don’t think about you.

Natural History Museum

IMG_0561One of the best thing’s about this semester is I have every Wednesday off which gives me a chance to recuperate and play sims in the middle of the week. This week, Thom also has Wednesday off which gave us the opportunity to do something together for a change. I’ve been the NHM the first time I was in London in 2009 and I’ve been dying to go back ever since. The building itself is beautiful and their exhibits are amazing!!

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